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Youth Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Program is a 10-week program that focuses on creating, supporting, and empowering young adults, providing them with the …

The SOS Vision & Founder

The SOS Vision:

The SOS Vision is a multi-platform, multi-dimensional living and breathing organism created to accelerate the healing process during and after the COVID19 Pandemic. Furthermore, it aims to prepare the masses for any kind of disaster and catastrophe thereafter. 

The Science of Survival Institute (SOS Institute) and all its Sister companies, SOS Radio Live, SOS Magazine, and SOS Wellness Center have been created to bridge the educational, social, economic, mental, and spiritual gaps that were made visible by the COVID19 pandemic through the 2020 Lenses.

It is our deepest and most sincere desire to help provide the tools and skills necessary to better equip the masses for when any catastrophe and/or disaster occurs. We are committed to being an essential part of the healing process of our communities and the globe as a whole.

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About the Founder:

Marleny Cruz is a dedicated business owner, a motivational speaker, a radio and TV Personality, a young role model coach, and master of ceremonies. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Queens, Ms. Cruz began working at a very young age and learned the value of hard work. Her dedication and desire to succeed has brought her to be the Young entrepreneur she is today.

Marleny Cruz is the President/CEO of the Science of Survival Institute, a state of the art institute that offers signature survival programs for Individuals and businesses, adulting program for young adults, ESL programs, GED, Citizenship, Computer Training, and Personal Development Workshops. She is also the President/CEO of SOS Media Group, a multi-media company that houses SOS Radio, SOS Magazine, and SOS TV Network.

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Telemundo Interview:

Our Telemundo interview on the preparations of The Science of Survival Institute.