The SOS Vision is a multi-platform, multi-dimensional living and breathing organism created to accelerate the healing process during and after the COVID19 Pandemic. Furthermore, it aims to prepare the masses for any kind of disaster and catastrophe thereafter. 

The Science of Survival Institute (SOS Institute) and all its Sister companies, SOS Radio Live, SOS Magazine, and SOS Wellness Center have been created to bridge the educational, social, economic, mental, and spiritual gaps that were made visible by the COVID19 pandemic through the 2020 Lenses.

This vision was birthed from the realization that Individuals, small businesses, big corporations, and even Governmental bodies were all unprepared for such catastrophe. We were all left vulnerable and placed at the mercy of COVID19.

It is our deepest and most sincere desire to help provide the tools and skills necessary to better equip the masses for when any catastrophe and/or disaster occurs. We are committed to being an essential part of the healing process of our communities and the globe as a whole.

The Science of Survival Institute offers all-encompassing survival programs for people of all ages and walks of life, businesses, and corporations. We have designed these programs taking into consideration the lessons learned from these unprecedented times.

It is our mission to bring balance back to our day-to-day lives by giving everyone the tools necessary to survive and succeed during difficult times.

Our Signature Programs are as follows: 

Our Personal Survival Certificate Program aims to prepare any individual for a catastrophe on a personal level in all areas of life. It offers everything from financial and mental survival, remote operations, disaster preparedness plan development for individuals and families, resource management, even primitive survival, and self-defense.

Our Business Survival Certificate Program is designed to achieve survival at a business and corporate level. It offers financial preparedness for the management and executive staff, mental health solutions for staff members, the development of a plan and software engineering for remote operations, disaster preparedness plan development, resource management, and business plan development for easier access to funds.

Our “Adulting” Life Skills Certificate Program is designed for all age groups starting from high school students to college students and postgrads. This program includes everything that has to do with being a responsible adult. It teaches basic life skills such as personal finance, domestic living, interviewing, navigating personal relationships, and conflict resolution.

Our Holistic Health for Survival Certificate Program focuses on the importance of connecting mind, body, and spirit in order to achieve optimal health. Integrating mental health, nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques such as meditation, proper body alignment, psychotherapy, relationship, and spiritual counseling.

Our Civic Engagement for Survival Program teaches the importance of active participation by citizens in the lives of their communities, states, and the nation. It involves learning about the community and political system, crafting solutions to address the community’s problems, and engaging in constructive deliberation to work towards solutions.

Our Mental Resilience for Survival Certificate Program focuses on teaching different skills and abilities that would facilitate being able to adapt well and bounce back quickly in times of stress. Some of these skills are Setting Personal Goals, achieving self-efficacy, having a good Sense of humor, having an action-oriented approach. Having the will-power that will help in the process of resisting impulses to act on short-term desires that conflict with your higher-level goals. Having the capacity to make realistic plans and being able to carry out those plans. Learning how to effectively manage your feelings and impulses in a healthy manner. As well as, having good communication and problem-solving skills.

Although the classes within each program can be taken individually, we highly recommend a complete program in order to receive the full benefits of a comprehensive and all-embracing curriculum.